Judges Hostel for Judicial Academy, Hyderabad, India (697)
September 11, 2014
New Gun Machine Shop, Ishapore, West Bengal, India (703)
September 11, 2014
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Children School for Defence, Secunderabad, India (698)

  • TaskStructural Design

Date: 2014
Built-up Area : 150000 SFT
Firm’s Responsibilities: Structural Design
Type: Reinforced Cement Concrete

  • The School comprises of 3 wings namely, Senior Wing (G+2), Primary and Junior wings each G+1. Primary and junior wings are identical and placed on either side of Senior Wing and connected by corridor. A Multi-Purpose Hall is located right behind senior wing. Corridors, Entrance Areas, Toilet Blocks, Stairs, Ramps etc., are integral part of the facility.
  • Building Foot-print is large. Further it is not a regular shape from Architectural and Functional point of view. Hence it is divided into several blocks of regular shape with movement joints in between. These joints are placed considering Structural Grids primarily and Functional usage secondarily.
  • Structure is founded on a hard stratum however; site is not a true level and hence requires foundations placed at different levels. Hence foundation tie-beams are provided for robustness and to avoid any differential settlements.
  • Conceived as RCC framed structure. All 3 wings are typically a series of RCC Moment Resisting frames spaced approximately at 3.65m c/c. Grid Floor Beams are used for Multi-purpose Hall connected on RC Moment resisting frames.