National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research, Guwahati, Assam,India (711)
August 3, 2014
66/11KV, 2 x 20MVA Air Insulated Substation, Toyota Tsusho Industrial Park, Bangalore, India (720)
June 3, 2014
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Retrofitting and Extension of Three – Axis Building for Air Craft project at ADE, Bangalore (715)

  • TaskAssessment, Verification, Structural Retrofitting Design and Supervision

Date: 2014
Type: Reinforced Concrete
Plan Dims: 39mx40m
Height / No.ofStoreys: 7.75m/ 2 Floors

SIE scope includes recommendations for structural retrofitting of existing structure duly accommodating another floor; with minimum impact on operation of existing building.

Site visit and a preliminary structural survey are carried out followed by desktop study to assess the current condition of structure.

Retrofitting designs include the strengthening of deficit elements namely Foundations, Columns and Beams.

Additional floor design is carried out keeping in view the site constraints and the limitations of existing structure

Stability of building is improved by providing a central core wall for the lift in the middle of building and connecting with horizontal R.C. diaphragm to the existing building.

Column Strengthening is achieved by fixing additional reinforcement around existing column with Hilti-key and micro-concreting.

Beam Strengthening is achieved by casting another layer of beams fixing over existing beams and column reinforcement; together with void filler (Polystyrene Blocks) and levelling screed.

Grout Injection, CFRP strips/Laminates are recommended for few areas of slab where crack widths are between 0.2 to 0.4mm.