This course is intended for young Graduates/Post Graduates who has passion to settle in the Structural Engineering profession.
For MBBS, there is 18 months Internship which is a phase of training wherein a graduate is expected to conduct actual practice of medical and health care and acquire skills under supervision in hospitals. For Chartered Accountants, there is 3-year Articleship practical training phase that allows students to work on real assignments for real employers (mostly Chartered Accountant firms). These Internships allowed MBBS/CA students to acquire the requisite skills under a Mentor to start their professions.
For more than one reason, such complete Internships are not available in Engineering Field. So there is a need for young graduates to train under Practicing Engineer(s). In present COVID-19 situation, Practicing Engineers can spare some time towards mentoring of young engineers to help enter the profession. Hence all young engineers can utilize this opportunity to interact with practicing professionals.

M/s SATYA ILLINDRA ENGINEERS (S.I. Engineers) is a Structural Engineering Consultancy firm established in the year 2011. Please visit for details. I and my Team are pleased to offer a mentorship program consisting of two online sessions per week for 6 months duration. Training / Participation Certificate will be issued after course duration. Interested candidates to express their interest by sending email to (or) Contact: 99636 99715(Whatsapp).
Focus will be on several practical aspects as follows and will be concluded after knowing the candidates requirements:
  • Practical knowledge on RCC & Structural Steel, Design Aids and Tips.
  • Knowledge of I.S. Code Provisions and exposure to Special Publications & International Codes.
  • Hand Calculations and Sketches in absence of software(s).
  • Preparation of Concept/Framing plans and Co-ordination tasks with Architect / Client
  • Hands on experience with softwares such as ETABS.
  • Verify software results of big models with the aid of quick Hand Calculations or simple models.
  • Preparation of Detailed Engineering Drawings and Release of Good for Construction Drawings
  • Importance of Teamwork, Professional ethics, understanding Employers perspective etc.,
Throughout the mentorship period, candidates will be given opportunity to assist ongoing project works wherever possible.


  • How this Structural Design Online Course is different from a normal course?
Normal Civil Engineering Course : 65% time will be spent by Instructor allowing only 35% time for candidate to practice. Our Online Civil Engineering Courses Practice Sessions:  35% time will be spent by Instructor allowing 65% of time for Candidate to Practice.
During this 65% of time too, our Team will be available to guide and interact in clearing doubts. Thus, candidates will enjoy practicing and will become confident to practice or work.
  • What are the other topics covered apart from mentioned in the leaflet?
All practical aspects relating to Building Structures (Residential and Commercial) and Industrial Structures right from Concept to Commission will be covered including Wind and Earthquake resistant designs.   
  • Time allotted to each Topic(s) mentioned in the leaflet?
This will be adjusted based on the group requirement. Assignments will be given by dividing the group to 4 sub-groups.
  • Will the firm provide any support after the course duration of 6 months?
Yes.  Support will be provided for 1 month after course duration.
  • Difference between Group A and Group B
In Group B, candidates will have more Structural Design Courses practice compared with Group A.


  • Timings:
Wednesday & Saturday. 4pm to 6pm.
  • Start date:
4th week of August (Tentative)
  • Software:
Software will not be provided by us. Candidates are advised to have ETABS and Staad.
August 27, 2020
structural design training

Guided Online Structural Engineering Practice Sessions

This Structural Design Training Course is for young Graduates/Post Graduates who has passion to settle in the Structural Engineering profession.