Stilt+5 quarters for KTPP, Chelpur, Telangana, India (604 & 687)
July 2, 2017
Security Grill under ‘T’ Girder Bridge for Indian Navy, Visakhapatnam, India (660)
July 2, 2017
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Roof Structure for Anuvijay, Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project, Kudankulam, Tamilnadu, India (605)

  • TaskStructural Design

Date: 2012
Dims:28m x 34m x 13m height
Material of Construction:Structural Steel , RCC and Polycarbonate sheeting
Project Cost:` 15 Million

Scope of work includes Structural Design of Roof Structure and Foundations for AEC School open assembly area of (28mx34m column free space) at Anuvijay Township, Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project.

Structure is typically a series of Trusses spaced at 3.94m c/c rests over steel columns on both side and 2Nos. Longitudinal Trusses in central portion. All columns are tied and braced from stability principles and rests over R.C.Pedestals over Pad or Combined R.C.Footings